Mechanical & Manual Traction

Traction is a powerful tool that involves the application of tension to specific areas of the spine in order to stretch specific tissue and distract areas of the spine.

Our experienced staff can apply manual and mechanical tension to help separate your vertebrae which let your discs decompress and reduce nerve pinching. This form of traction will restore your spine to a more appropriate curvature which will give you more mobility.

It is specifically designed to target your lumbar curve. This traction helps the cervical curve which in turn reduces tension in the neck. It is based upon the understanding that the body is a series of interrelated systems.
Chiropractic Closeup — Chiropractic Clinics in Madisonville, TN
Our experienced chiropractors will gladly answer your questions about how the various forms of traction can help you. Our flexible scheduling allows you to schedule when you need us.The most standard medical insurance covers most chiropractic care services.

Our friendly staff is available to answer your questions and work with your insurance company.