Rehabilitation Massage

Let us wash away your tension and pain. Hydro massage is low impact therapy that is based upon the therapeutic impact that warm water has on a body.

One of our main goals is to instill the knowledge you need to take care of your back, joints and soft tissue. We can help you resolve your own pain issues.

Our massage therapy can provide complete muscle and soft-tissue relaxation. Muscles support and strengthen the joints and areas that care to cause you pain.
Man Having Chiropractic Back Adjustment — Chiropractic Clinics in Madisonville, TN
Our experienced staff can teach you a series of exercised specifically designed to help you strengthen and build the structural stability in the areas that are your most vulnerable.

To aid in adjustments to the skeletal system, it is crucial for your muscles to be relaxed and stretched. Therapeutic massage is an important component to chiropractic care.

By exercising the areas that trouble you, you will improve your muscle tone, mobility in your joints and tendon health. Resistance training can be added to improve your strength.